Pallet Racking Systems


Selective Racking

Selective pallet racking gives you access to all of your pallets all of the time.  This means easy access to your stock , allows for easy stock rotation and is the most cost effective way of storing and retrieving your pallets. 

Selective pallet racking can be configured to take full advantage of the height of your warehouse and available floorspace. 

A wide range of accessories such as mesh decking to comply with food handling regulations, timber board to provide picking levels, mesh fall-off protection and column guards are also available.

Drive In

Drive-in Racking is a specialised high density storage system purposely designed to cater for your product.  Storage capacity of your floorspace is maximised with pallets being retrieved on a last-in, first-out basis.  Drive-in racking allows you to use up to 90% of your usable floorspace.  It best suits those who require high density storage, with minimal access.  For example, coolroom or bulk storage.

  • specialised materials handling equipment is required
  • increases the storage capacity of your floorspace by up to 90%
  • adjustable to suit pallet and load sizes


Cantilever Racking is designed for those who store and access large packs of material such as timber or steel up to and over 6 metres long.  Packs of material are loaded in horizontally and supported over adjustable arms.  Cantilever structures can be utilised in a single-faced or back-to-back configuration.

  • stores oversized items easily
  • quick retrieval rates with unrestricted access
  • uses standard materials handling equipment
  • fully flexible configuration to suit individual requirements

Double Deep

Double Deep Racking stores two pallets deep, or four pallets deep in a back-to-back configuration.  Standard selective pallet racking components can be used to achieve double-deep configurations.  By using double deep racking, you can increase the storage capacity of your floorspace by approximately 30% by reducing the number of aisles required for forklift access.

Double deep racking gives you access to 50% of your stock on your picking face.

A specialised reach truck with attachments will be required for this particular system.

  • increases the storage capacity of your floorspace
  • specialised materials handling equipment is required
  • suitable for multiple pallets of the same product in a single location

Gravity Fed Storage

In Gravity Fed pallet racking systems pallets run on rollers that slope towards the front of the structure.  Pallets are fed in from the back of the structure and roll to the front as a pallet is removed.  The benefit of gravity fed systems is that stock is rotated on a first in, first out basis and automates the stock rotation process.


Selective Pallet Racking


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